Marianne's Three Favorite Things: September 2019


The months ahead will be filled with renewal, as we journey into the autumnal season. Kids are back in school and our earthy, fall bounty is preparing to crest. Mother nature has started to show signs of the season ahead with morning fog that offers a sense of magic in the air and leaves transforming into a kaleidoscope of red and yellow hues. This month I’m celebrating art, design and botany that will inspire you to embrace the change around us.

ART: Massimo Bottura


Chef Massimo Bottura has mastered the ability of creating stunning dishes that meld unbelievable flavors together. He lives and works in Modena, Italy, where he learned the importance of including artisan ingredients in his dishes that sustain a healthy lifestyle. Using contemporary art as his inspiration, his dishes stand as true works of art. Click here to take a look at Bottura’s process—it may even inspire your next culinary adventure.


Design: Lady Gaga’s Met Masterpiece


Lady Gaga has become known for her ability to redefine creative processes, creating personas unique to each event she attends. Earlier this year at the Met Gala she stunned the crowd, with what was arguably the best entrance of all time. She was able to debut four outfits, gradually peeling back layers of fabric to reveal different layers of herself. From her eyelashes to her thoughtful accessories, find out how Lady Gaga designed her entrance.


Botany: The Baobab Tree


In my early 20’s I witnessed the beauty of the Baobab Tree for the first time. I was on a journey across Africa and remember being overwhelmed with the extraordinary trees sprinkled across the grasslands below the Sahara known as the Sahel. Standing as Africa’s tree of life, Baobab Trees thrive in the hot, dry climate of the Sahel and serve as a symbol of life and positivity. Discover the beauty of The Baobab, here.