Marianne's Three Favorite Things: October 2019


Autumn has arrived and moves us to a more contemplative time as nature takes a rest. This month you will be introduced to a creative genius and a self-powered hotel at the top of the planet. Take a brief journey into future...

ART: Roden Crater


Situated in the Painted Desert of Northern Arizona, the Roden Crater offers an epistemological journey through space and light. James Turrell has created a six chamber observatory within the collapsed volcanic crater that offers an inspired visual experience. The work began in the 1960s and upon opening, the crater will serve as a naked eye observatory of earthly and celestial events that are both predictable and continually in flux. Click here to learn about this transformative visual and sensory experience.


Design: Svart


Nestled above the Artic Circle, Svart offers cutting edge technology that serves as the driving force behind its energy positive concept. This brilliant hotel design offers 360-degree views with thoughtful architecture serving to connect land and fjord. Slated to open in 2021, this concept is not to be missed. Explore the hotel.


Botany: Fall Foliage


The autumnal season has arrived in all her passionate beauty. Whether you are looking for a local spot to soak in the brilliance of the fall foliage or aim to take an impromptu trip, this list serves as the perfect offering to delight your inner explorer. Read more.