Marianne's Three Favorite Things: August 2019


The last full month of summer is here with a splash and it is time to seize the day. Whether your heart yearns for a day in the garden or you’re in search of your next automotive adventure, this month’s selections are full of promise. Take a look at some of the most coveted art exhibits around the globe, journey through time as Bugatti celebrates 110 years of service and imagine the endless possibilities of infusing your garden with English elements.

ART: 12 Buzzworthy Exhibitions


Art often serves as a window through time, allowing you to discover realms both whimsical and avante-garde. This year museums around the globe are expected to draw large audiences attracted to some of the most impressive exhibits yet. Find out why these 12 exhibitions are the most buzzworthy opportunities of 2019.


Design: Bugatti


Bugatti stands as one of the most iconic companies in the world. Founded in 1909, the automakers have long since been guided by strong values and passion, creating legendary vehicles that set the standard for an opulent lifestyle. Celebrate 110 years of luxury with the brand as they look ahead to the future.


Botany: 10 English Garden Ideas


Classic English gardens are some of the most beautiful on earth. Sissinghurst Castle stands as one of the most iconic representations of the style and serves as the perfect inspiration for building an inspired garden of your own. These 10 elements are sure to bring new life into your backyard with charm and enchantment.