Marianne's Three Favorite Things: July 2019


We’ve reached the peak of summer and her beauty can be seen everywhere we look, from brilliant yellow sunflowers and ripe tomatoes nearly bursting off their vines, to children soaking up the sunshine and ice cream trucks cruising around town. It is the perfect time of year to jump in the car or board a plane and enjoy the splendor of the USA. This month I invite you to explore top sculpture parks, botanical gardens, and historic homes from around the country—happy summer vacationing!

ART: Sculpture Parks


Sculpture parks offer the perfect setting for an outside endeavor. Whether you’re seeking an adventurous afternoon filled with hiking or need a moment for meditation and relaxation, you can count on these venues to host an imaginative day. Explore some of the country’s best sculpture parks, here.


Design: Historical Homes


Homes have been a longtime example of innovative design and represent our nation’s rich history. Classic family road trips often include seeing famous landmarks and these homes are arguably just as awe-inspiring as some of the better-known attractions in the United States. Click here to look at some of the most influential designs that were once inhabited by prominent people and families.


Botany: Botanical Gardens


We live in a nation home to diverse landscapes that create an environment suited to a boundless variety of plants. These eye-catching botanical gardens showcase some of the world’s most exquisite flowers, shrubs and cacti. And in a quiet moment can serve as a portal into another world. Let your imagination run wild and escape to a new realm by clicking here.