Marianne's Three Favorite Things: April 2019


Spring is here and our world is renewed and bursting with life. Tulip Magnolias open like upside down umbrellas and the pink rain of cherry blossoms always create a magical moment. April is the perfect month to celebrate new beginnings and great ideas. I’d like to take a moment to reflect on art, design and botany with a local exhibit, stunning architecture and botanical surrounds designed to inspire.

ART: Jeffrey Gibson


Jeffrey Gibson’s work is a visual feast of color, pattern and personal history. He has lived all over the globe and is member of the American Indian Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. He brings his multicultural world view to us through the vehicle of intricately beaded and patterned punching bags one would find in a boxing gym. On the surface of these bags he delivers his message: One of inclusivity, separation and celebration all packed in one punch after the other. Visit soon and see for yourself!


Design: The Work of Jim Olson and Tom Kundig


The iconic looks of both Jim Olson and Tom Kundig are hard to miss. Olson’s ceilings are usually as beautiful as the rest of the building. He always has multiple sources of light dancing through the room. Kundig challenges us with industrial materials and clean lines, often in settings more rural than urban. Both ignite the viewers experience with fresh and innovative approaches to residential living often built around spectacular personal art collections. Click here to discover their work.


Botany: Gardens and Swimming Pools


Having a pool in our gardens can be a magical experience. The luxury of a cool dip on a hot day can be a quintessential summer moment. It is a delicate art to surround a pool with plants that add to the beauty without adding maintenance. This stunning photo montage shows successful botanical surrounds that keep the fun meter up and the workload down. Explore architecturally stunning pools and their landscapes, here.