Marianne's Three Favorite Things: May 2019


The pageantry of Spring has arrived, the rain is subsiding and our days are lengthening. I find myself stealing time in the garden before work and longing for a good bike ride. The extraordinary beauty of the months to come are some of the most compelling reasons we choose to live in the Pacific Northwest. This month I’d like to introduce you to an iconic garden, stunning homes that help contribute to those in need and an international film festival that is an annual global event.



This season marks the 46th Annual Seattle International Film Festival. Throughout the course of 25 days, over 400 films from 90 countries will be spotlighted, bringing people of all cultures together to celebrate the world of film. As the country’s largest film festival, you can immerse yourself in stories that celebrate diverse lifestyles and characters from around the world. The event is more than a festival, it is an experience. Click here for more details.


Design: WMO Builders Present Lakeview Lake

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My newest project in the world of real estate offers homes with a modern aesthetic where clean lines meet sophisticated living for an unrivaled lifestyle. The homes exhibit the fine craftsmanship offered by WMO Builders, a company devoted to curating homes using their three guiding values: Customer service, integrity and intelligent building. They’ve been able to incorporate giving back into their business model and donate part of their profits to Construction for Change, a nonprofit dedicated to building lives for those who need it most. This wonderful organization has deep local roots through a partnership with The 30/30 Project, a local organization fighting to combat health care. May marks the season of fundraising for Construction for Change, and you can participate by attending their gala at The Museum of Flight on May 18th. This means that when you buy with WMO Builders, you also helping build schools, orphanages and hospitals in Africa and India. Read more about the builders and their values.


Botany: Seattle Japanese Garden


Nestled near Madison Park is one of the most coveted Japanese-style gardens in North America. Designed to be a strolling garden, winding paths cover 3.5 acres of land filled with a myriad of plantings and sculptures that celebrate both traditional Japanese gardens and elements native to the Pacific Northwest. Take a glimpse at the garden and find out more, here.