Marianne's Three Favorite Things: February 2019


As we venture through our final full month of the winter season, it can be easy to forget about the present and instead look toward the months ahead. Indeed, spring will soon be here, bringing with it an abundance of new life. Yet there is plenty of beauty to be found during nature’s slumber, beneath the layers of frost and within the quiet and tranquil days. Until we reach the warmer months, let’s delight in some of the most wonderful winter gardens, discover fantastic art with Patrick Dougherty, and see the world through a new lens with doors that celebrate whimsy.

ART: Patrick Dougherty


Patrick Dougherty builds magical worlds out of willow and other pliable branches. He creates installations in unlikely sites that invite the viewer to take respite inside as one wanders the interior of his structures and for a brief moment he transports you elsewhere. Perhaps a forest, a pond, a private world that allows you to take a breath. Discover Dougherty’s creations.


Design: Beautiful Front Doors


The building you live or work in may literally be set in stone or have a required color but the front door is a place where you often have license for whimsy. Here are some wonderful examples that
may inspire you to take a chance and express your inner artist. Take a peek inside…


Botany: Ten Winter Gardens


Feeling tired of dreary winter skies and cold weather? Well, it is always summer somewhere! This is your chance to experience ten of the best winter gardens in the Southern Hemisphere while you are waiting for our spring to arrive! Click here for more.