Marianne's Three Favorite Things: January 2019


The winter season is here and the new year has offered us a feeling of fortuitous possibilities. Frosty mornings are greeting us with a chill while short days filled with crisp sunshine afford the perfect opportunity to reinvigorate our senses. Stimulate your eye with a look at an interesting work of art. Say hello to nature with the latest in botany. Ignite creativity with a unique approach to design. However you choose to spend the season, may it brim with new opportunities that excite!

ART: New Architecture for 2019

Marianne_January_Art V2.jpg

Through the dimensional imaginations of world class architects we have eight fabulous new museums to visit across the globe in 2019. From an expandable masterpiece hanging over the famous New York City Highline, to floating discs in Qatar, and a twisting bridge of glass across a Norwegian river. All are an invitation to experience beauty in a new way in unusual environments, and serve as testimonies to the endless iterations of light and space. Click here to see the museums and cultural buildings.


Design: Climate Change Innovators


Can we make a difference, honor the planet and still participate in new and exciting technology? The answer is yes! Explore some of the most forward-thinking practical technologies that protect both our environment and our pocketbooks. There are so many fresh ideas, impressive innovations and opportunities to make smart choices. Take a look and see if you can find a place to start.


Botany: Hellebores and Hybrid Lenten Rose


Hellebores and the Hybrid Lenten Rose are magic in the dead of winter. Just when you think it couldn’t get any drearier, they begin to erupt and bloom in glorious colors
with delicate patterns. They are easy to grow, multiply each year and bloom many months as we wait for Spring to take over the garden. Don’t miss out on this beautiful winter garden gem.