Marianne's Three Favorite Things: December 2018


As we make our journey toward the winter solstice, the days have begun to shorten and the signs of a new season are all around. The crisp, morning air greets us with a sense of refreshment and revitalization, we are preparing to spend cherished time with family and friends—both near and far—and the little ones are delighting in the idea of snowfall. This truly is, as they say, the most wonderful time of the year.

ART: Sarah McRae Morton

Marianne_October_Art Update.jpg

Sarah McRae Morton has magic in her brush. She makes sophisticated ethereal worlds that sometimes take you back to your childhood with boy and beast, rescued whales, and where wild meets human longing. Her brushwork looks fast and furious, her colors tertiary, as she invites you into her alluring realities. She is one of my favorite contemporary painters. Don’t miss her December show at Foster White Gallery in Pioneer Square.


Design: Farrow & Ball

Marianne_October_Design Update.jpg

The British paint company, Farrow and Ball, offers one of the most sophisticated palettes I’ve seen in the marketplace. The paint colors are made of multiple pigments, more than most commercial paint companies, and the depth of color is astonishing. The room colors shift with light through the day offering a subtle visual gift. Each range of tones have their own primer specifically formulated to enhance the paint color. A match is guaranteed if you run out too soon and they can ship it to you within a 24-36 hours. Be bold and give it a try! Click here to discover a world of color.


Botany: Joseph A. Witt Winter Garden

Marianne_October_Botany Update 2.jpg

When the days are short and oftentimes dreary, one of my favorite walks is to the Joseph A. Witt Winter Garden in the Washington Park Arboretum. As we go deep into winter after the solstice, the botanical world feels asleep until you come across the deeply fragrant Chinese Witch Hazel, the shrubby dogwood and the gorgeous multi colored winterberries. The Winter Garden is full of glorious surprises that give us all hope that Spring will come again and in the meantime, we have a place to appreciate fragrance and color even in the darkest months. For more details about the garden, click here.