Marianne's Three Favorite Things: May 2018


As we approach Summer in the Northwest I am always struck by Earth’s magnificent reveal as she wakes up with a roar. I find that my senses become more acute and my appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us is very alive. Embrace the season and explore what’s new and exciting.

ART: Etsuko Ichikawa

Etsuko Ichikawa is a Tokyo born Seattle-based multi-media artist. With an emphasis on movement, Ichikawa uses art to convey what lies beyond the physical life. Blending the living with the eternal she is able to view the human experience as a constant force that connects people through generations. Her art shows great depth and transforms you to a place of importance that is found through fire and water. Read more about Ichikawa here.


Design: Rubelli Wall Coverings and Fabrics

Live life surrounded by fabrics that are designed to inspire. Donghia partnered with Rubelli to create a collection of  Venice inspired wall coverings called Venezia Rubelli. These luxury textiles bring together a unique fusion of fashion and design to create a collection of sumptuous fabrications bringing  us an inspired combination of sophistication and elegance .


Botany: Amazon Spheres

Amazon revealed their highly anticipated Seattle Spheres earlier this year. Built to be a botanical sanctuary for Amazon employees, the space quickly became a fascination for many and is expected take off as Seattle’s newest landmark. Housing botanical wonders from across the globe, the spheres host an approximate 40,000 plants, many rare species chosen with a focus on preservation. Reserve space to tour the architecturally distinct space today!