Marianne's Three Favorite Things: June 2018


June marks the changing of the seasons, as spring rain nourishes our lush landscapes and summer sunshine allows us to delight in time spent outdoors. As we move into the warmest months of the year, be sure to seek joy in all things that you do.


ART: Heavenly Bodies

Having spent the first twenty years of my professional life in the world of couture fashion, I am thrilled to invite you to view the spectacular offerings of "Heavenly Bodies" at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. Opening night of the exhibition coincided with the annual Met Gala event featuring evening attire inspired by centuries a ecclesiastical grandeur and the guests artistic imagination. The actual exhibit is displayed both at The Met Fifth Avenue and at The Met Cloisters. I hope you will take a moment to view it online and perhaps make a visit to the show if you are in NYC before October 8th! Read more about the exhibition here.


Design: Fortuny

In my early years in the fashion industry I worked for a talented designer who printed her own fabrics for lavishly beautiful evening gowns. I was fresh out of art school and became her chief fabric printer and later her national marketing director. Through her tutelage I became a student of some of the most beautiful fabrics in the world. For the most part, one would only know them through the world of couture. Later in life I had the privilege of helping design the interior of my remodeled home and discovered the world of Fortuny fabrics. They are dyed and printed by a proprietary method known only to family members for over one hundred years. They are deliciously beautiful and their trademark use of matte metallic within the design makes them unmistakably unique. Discover offerings from Fortuny here.


Botany: Filoli Gardens

As a passionate, lifelong gardener, I am always on the hunt for the next beautiful garden I can visit during my travels. I recently toured Filoli Gardens, less than an hour from San Francisco, for the second time. It is a study in grandeur, symmetry and the original owner’s passion and vision. Part of what I find so magical about these places is not only the beautiful and mature plant materials, but the incredible scale of the buildings and gardens. It would take an almost incomprehensible level of wealth in contemporary dollars to achieve this particular vision. I hope you’ll make the effort to visit Filoli the next time you travel to the Bay Area. It is a true vacation day of visual splendor. Explore the gardens here.